PHD Australia at the AHRI Awards

Last week the Australian HR Institute (AHRI) Awards recognised PHD Australia’s People Team with the distinguished Talent Management Award. The AHRI Awards are Australia’s most prestigious HR awards programme.

“In recent years, media agencies have suffered a growing exodus of talent putting the sustainability of the industry at risk. PHD Australia uncovered a critical challenge in their millennial workforce’s uncertainty in pursuing media as a long-term career,” AHRI wrote of PHD Australia.

“Their program ‘Unlocking Smarts through Self-Leadership’ demonstrated a positive shift in retention, engagement and satisfaction of staff, which were measured both internally and at industry level. The learnings provide a starting point for the rest of the industry to re-think millennial engagement.”

The Australian HR Institute is all about ‘good HR’, but when it comes to the AHRI Awards, they’re looking for the best. The best HR practices come in many different forms and often encompass creativity, passion and the ability to make a difference, no matter the size of the organisation.

The AHRI Awards recognise and celebrate individual and organisation HR practices and business excellence. Awards include inclusion and diversity, innovation and creativity, disability employment, gender equity, HR technology and more. The 26 awards are independently assessed by an advisory panel of global leaders from HR and business.

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