On 22 November, PHD Copenhagen presented the results of an extensive study of Generation Y to 300 marketers and advertisers in conjunction with Annalect.

The participants in the seminar received an in-depth insight on the study itself, chosen results about the media use and view of the world of Generation Y as well as the method behind the study. They also received specific recommendations on how to incorporate this knowledge in their advertising to create value. A panel consisting of Generation Y, who had not seen the results from the study beforehand, challenged, exemplified and supported the rationales in a discussion.

Several of our advertisers, such as Nordea, Carlsberg and Copenhagen Airport, and many other remarkable companies were among the participants. We conducted the event in cooperation with Dansk Reklame Film who contributed both the location and the interesting panel discussion. The seminar receives overwhelmingly good reviews and clearly defines PHD’s position as a knowledge intensive and innovative partner – much to our content!

The material from the day has been downloaded more than 200 times and each reader spent around five minutes reading it.

PHD Copenhagen will present further findings from the study over the next couple of months and will in addition host round table meetings on the topic Generation Y with the participants from the seminar.