SEAT, a leading company in the automotive sector, wanted to continue to improve the results of its programmatic activity, despite limitations produced by fragmented purchases of its advertising campaigns. With PHD Spain and use of the Google Marketing Platform, they were able to significantly increase the reach and improve the efficiency of their campaigns.

The objectives

The main challenge of SEAT was to get a unique view of user behavior throughout their purchase of digital media. They wished to optimise the frequency of advertising impacts to their target audience. The first objective was to efficiently purchase digital media without over-investing in unwanted impressions. They also aimed to offer a better user experience, avoiding saturation of the advertising message.


The car company, together with PHD Spain, decided to work with the Google Marketing Platform, moving its purchase of traditional online video media to the Google Marketing Platform. To do this, they included RTB (Real-Time Bidding) campaigns and direct online video agreements with publishers. This allowed them to get a perfect view of each user by setting a maximum frequency of impacts that would allow them to maximise their reach.

The SEAT media purchase consolidation was carried out through Programmatic Guaranteed. This feature allows advertisers to use the programmatic technology of Display & Video 360 to reserve inventory directly to publishers.

The results

SEAT verified that through the consolidation of its campaigns, combining Programmatic Guaranteed with RTB strategies, they obtained a 22% increase in the reach of their campaigns. SEAT also managed to reduce the average frequency of impacts per user and a -19% cost per impacted user.

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