PHD Hungary has received nine shortlists for this year’s Effie Hungary awards, the most number of shortlists of any media agency.  

The shortlisted campaigns are;

  1. Baba against Flu!, CSR campaign
  2. Saga Tea, XXL Promotion
  3. Rama margarin, new Butter flavour
  4. Magnum Ice Cream, new Pink&Black flavour
  5. Signal Toothpaste, White Now Gold launch
  6. Telenor, The Freedom of Discovery Repositioning
  7. Joint Entry – Unilever, Lipton Tea, My Morning
  8. Joint Entry – Telenor, 2GB+Deezer music
  9. Joint Entry – Telenor, Hipernet


The Award Gala will take place on the 7th of November 2014.

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