PHD India picked up two awards at the recent Warc Media Awards; a Silver for Active Wheel, Hindustan Unilever’s campaign ‘Lo Kar lo Baat’ and Bronze for Rin, Hindustan Unilever’s campaign, ‘Career Ready Academy’.

‘Lo Kar Lo Baat’, Active wheel, was created to meet the challenging need of migrant workers in rural India being able to keep in touch with their families when they moved to other places in search of work and a better life. The mobile service offered couples three minute FREE talktime without exhausting their mobile phone credits. The product packs became the communication for consumers from media dark geographies, with little or no access to traditional media.

Rin, a dominant detergent brand in some regions of India, created a mobile “Rin Career Academy” to improve the career prospects of rural Indian women leading to better brand affinity.

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