PHD International’s media planner, Shona Read, provides this week’s mix of interesting people, amazing stories and inspiring thoughts;


  • TED talk of the week – Empathy Machine – Can virtual reality and advancements in technology teach us to be more empathetic?
  • Team Spirit Always – Watch the Kansas football Alumni team help their longest standing member to a touchdown
  • Birthday Presence – A little girl’s dream comes true, as 300 strangers show up to celebrate with her because nobody else would



  • TED podcast of the week – Getting Organised – Is there a pattern to organisations? Why do we gravitate towards a central governing body? Are there lessons from nature to be implemented? Can we create an autonomous organisation?
  • Freakonomics of the Week – Everyone is weird – Hosted by Nate Silver, the founder and editor-in-chief of of America’s favorite statistical guru of the past – well, maybe ever.



  • The truth about your lifetime/s – How long does it take to do something well? Should you try and get the most of a lifetime?
  • Best teams act like musicians – Could the way in which a string-quartet interact with each other have larger implications for creating the most fluid-functioning teams?
  • How the mind sees – Dave Trott looks at the different ways that you may perceive a situation.


Chile’s Calbuco Volcano – Breathtaking images from the volcano’s first eruption in 42 years. (Main picture)