PHD Italy has won the digital account for PHYD – the digital platform of The Adecco Group – which specialises in orientation, reskilling and upskilling for students, professionals and companies.

PHD is charged with managing the digital planning and performance of the launch and acquisition of PHYD, as well as strategic consultancy activity.

PHYD is a technological collaboration with Microsoft, which combines a digital platform with a physical hub with the aim of promoting upskilling and reskilling paths, measuring the aptitude and employability of a person compared to a profession, and obtaining the degree of adequacy and relevance (employability index).

The PHYD platform is designed to leverage the opportunities offered by AI, to help and support students, professionals and companies in a constantly changing work ecosystem.

In a new global and fluid digital era, PHD Italy continues to stand out for its innovation and technological prowess in a world where new skills, and different production and organisational systems will be increasingly required.