• PHD ranked top in Mexico for New Business Performance in the latest RECMA report (2016)

• New office opened in Santa Fe area for 84 employees, comprising a full PHD team plus OMG Finance

• Omnicom Media Group chief executive officer LATAM Julián Porras visits office to celebrate with a toast for the entire team

PHD Mexico has topped the 2016 New Business performance ranking in Mexico for RECMA, the official organization that keeps records of all the Media Agencies in the world. With this announcement, PHD has proven the productiveness of its Finding a Better Way initiative.

PHD is also celebrating the opening of a new office in Mexico City. Previously, PHD operated in the same building as Omnicom Media Group and OMD Mexico. Due to the success of the network both globally and locally, this launch was essential, with more than 80 PHDers working in the new space (in addition to OMG Finance).

In a visit by Omnicom Media Group chief executive officer LATAM Julián Porras and Group executives such as Mexico chief executive officer Riccardo Ferraris, chief finance officer Manuel and managing director Jean Charles Cabrol, a toast was celebrated with the entire team to thank everyone for their commitment, and as motivation to keep up the good work.