Expedia to star in Sky’s first ever contextually relevant cross-platform partnership


In a deal created by PHD and Sky Media, Expedia is to air multiple pieces of copy that have been developed to align with individual programmes across Sky channels.

Expedia’s current creative approach ‘Travel Yourself Interesting’ plays to a key insight: that sharing travel knowledge is a huge part of what we all love about the travel process. These experiences have become a core part of our social capital.

To arm people with this kind of ‘water cooler’ content in a style which would achieve stand-out and interest for the Expedia audience, PHD proposed a partnership with Sky. Contextually relevant ‘Travel Yourself Interesting’ idents were created to align with a selection of Sky content.

Key programming has been handpicked across Sky channels, and multiple pieces of copy have been developed to align with individual programmes. The Expedia brand copy will run at the start of the break, with the contextual fact running last in break to precede the show’s return.

For example, a fact about New York will run in ‘Girls’ which is located in the city; and an Icelandic-based ident will appear in the highly-anticipated new Sky Atlantic show Fortitude, set in an Arctic town. Idents will also surround key sporting events (UEFA Champions League and Australian F1 Grand Prix) and blockbuster movies (Grand Budapest Hotel and Wolf of Wall St).

The idents invite viewers to enter a competition to win £1,000 of Expedia vouchers, or claim a £100 discount off their next holiday.

Mel Stonier, Senior Marketing Manager at Expedia said: “Through alignment with key programming Sky and PHD have created a unique and compelling way for Expedia to engage our audience, at the time of year when everyone’s thoughts turn to their holidays and breaks”

Rob Hannam, Media Planner at PHD said: “This is a fantastic example of a media property and brand fitting together seamlessly. Sky’s high quality content is the perfect fit for Expedia’s ABC1 audience and this synergy made it an easy and intuitive sell to Expedia. They bought into the concept immediately and recognised the great value it would bring to their brand. The team at Sky have been a pleasure to deal with and have worked tirelessly to ensure every part of their portfolio has been involved in this project.”