PHD Portugal has partnered with the Lisbon School of Economics and Management (ISEG) for the structuring of the new Digital Marketing post-graduate degree, which will have its first edition on September 2016.

Sandra Alvarez, PHD Portugal’s general manager, as well as other people from the team, will integrate with the teaching staff in ISEG’s new post-graduate program, aiming to raise awareness among this area’s professionals for the current complexity in the ways brands reach to people, specifically in the realm of digital marketing.

The starting point of the post-graduate teaching staff, is aimed at combining theoretical and practical approaches to digital, while clarifying the new disclosure channels and needed actions for the area’s professionals within this specialty.

“The partnership between PHD and Google, both recognized entities in the digital media area, will strengthen this post-graduate’s practical component”, remarks Helena Martins Gonçalves, scientific coordinator of the post-graduate and Associate Teacher at ISEG.

“This partnership awards the efforts and knowledge acquired by the best students from within Digital Marketing post-graduate, and… allows us to share PHD’s know how in the digital area,” says Sandra.