At PHD, we believe that looking to the future can help us think differently about today. We need to escape the tendency to interpret new technology with the tools that already exist.

Our recent partnership with Kevin Kelly, co-founder and senior maverick at Wired magazine, at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity saw us explore the huge opportunities future tech trends offer – from virtual reality in the home and an on-demand economy, to screens everywhere and artificial intelligence embedded in everything we manufacture.

Our next chapter looks more specifically at “Sharing”, a trend discussed by Kevin in his latest book “The Inevitable” and examined through a marketing lens in PHD’s “Predestination” e-book.  As Kevin states “The key innovations in the next 20 years will be built on our ability to share on a scale of which we have not shared before.”

At this year’s eurobest, the festival of European creativity, PHD’s global innovation director, Phil Rowley, will start to examine, in depth, the sharing economy.  Whether it’s sharing gifs and memes on Snapchat or Twitter, or erasing the middleman from transactions via Uber, Spotify or Airbnb, the sharing economy in Italy (eurobest’s home for 2016) alone is worth three billions euros and rising.

During the session, we, too, will share how brands can become an intrinsic part of this sharing economy – from adding value to sharing communities, to allowing advocates to ‘wiki’ your brand values – and examine how to prepare for very different future indeed.

The Rise of the Sharing Economy | A PHD Predestination will take place on Friday 2nd December at 12pm on the Cortona Stage.

You can download “Predestination | Where we are all heading” and discover the marketing implications behind the trends discussed by Kevin in “The Inevitable” here.