During last week’s Cannes Lions Festival, PHD Worldwide’s CEO, Mike Cooper, took to the stage in the Grand Audi as he opened PHD’s seminar “Sentience: The Coming AI Revolution” to a full house of over 2,000 Cannes Lions delegates.  Introducing computer scientist and inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Mike told the audience that over US$27bn has been invested in Artificial Intelligence to date, a number which is growing by 60% per year on average.  There are three key factors which are driving this, unstructured data, the increasing sophistication of algorithms and the increase of computational speed.  Giving the example of VPAs (Virtual Personal Assistants), Mike said “Imagine missing your flight back (and that’s possible considering the activities out here). Your VPA will reschedule your flight back, book you a hotel and change your cab booking. This will change marketing. It’ll be a radical reorganisation of marketing. This marketing change will see a vast creative potential.”

Mike summarised with the line “Change is upon us” before handing over to Sir Tim who foretold a future where Artificial Intelligence would drive the decisions in all major corporations.

Following the seminar, Mike & Sir Tim spoke further backstage about the effect of AI on the world of marketing (see main clip).

“Sentience: The Coming AI Revolution” is available to watch on Cannes Lions’ YouTube channel until 12th July, here.