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Interview: Tell us about yourself


I am Adrian , I am 21 years old and I am from the Netherlands. I am in my third year of my studies called Commercial Economics in the city Enschede. I love traveling, playing the guitar and meeting new people!

Back home I also have been active in my student association, where I took part in multiple committees.

Why did you choose your education

During my studies I learn all the ins and outs of marketing. What are the core strengths of your business or products? How can you convey that to your target audience? How can you convince potential consumers to buy your product?

A lot of interesting questions can be asked around marketing. My study let me learn the theoretic behind marketing and gives me the opportunity to apply it in real life!

What have you been doing at PHD

One of my main tasks was to support the Marketing department of PHD. During my time there I helped create marketing material. Examples of this are creating one-pagers (short presentations) about services that the departments of PHD have to offer to their clients.  During my time I also helped PHD with new business. This meant assisting in creating material for a pitch with the purpose to get a new client. Other tasks included managing the employee photographs and putting them on the site and support the marketing team with Client events that also included filming.

How has it been so far your internship at PHD

I learned a lot about all the ins and outs of a media agency and its role in the B2B as well as the B2C market. I saw how a media agency operates and what kind of interesting developments take place in the media world. Developments in voice operated assistants, SEO and SEM, Social Media and Programmatic buying are very interesting, which makes the media business a dynamic working environment. It sparked an interest in media for me, and I learned that this would be a career path I am interested in following. And last but not least, I met the amazing people of PHD that made me feel welcome during my stay here in Sweden!

How was in the beginning when you started at PHD

At first I was a bit nervous about going abroad for 5 months. But that feeling disappeared in my first week at the company. Everybody was very welcoming at the office In the first couple of weeks I rotated between the departments so that I learned about every service PHD has to offer. After that I started with my assignment from my university. I was a great start!

What skills and experiences you will take home from Sweden

I learned a lot about the media agency and the digital landscape the agency resides. PHD also gave me room to take part in a Google trainee programme about the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. I also learned about working in a Swedish business environment.

Living in Sweden for 5 months was an amazing experience for me. I met new people, travelled around Sweden and try to do as much as possible in my time here. This was a life experience which I will not forget!

What do you feel is your most valuable knowledge from this time with PHD

Taking initiative is one of the most important things  I have learned the past months. If you take initiative in your work and personal life, you will get things done. You should not be afraid of showing your ideas, because people will appreciate it that you show initiative in your work.

Why do you think PHD is a good place to do your internship

The place and time where PHD resides, is always changing. This makes it an very interesting place to do an internship at. Advances in technology such as Search and Programmatic are booming in the business at the moment, so to be at a company such as PHD at this time of technological advancements is very interesting. And since in the last couple of years the technology advanced so quickly, who knows what will be next? To be a part of these changes is very exciting and I think you can learn a lot from it!

How long was your trainee

My traineeship started in September and ended in January, so 5 months in total!

Are you interested to do an internship with us, apply at: PHD Trainee Positions