OMG invests heavily in the development of e-commerce

Global retail consulting agency TransAct opens its doors in Sweden. Transact, which specializes in smart solutions in the trade, originally started in 2016 and has previously successfully established itself in markets such as Great Britain, USA, Germany, France and Italy. As part of Omnicom Media Group, they are now choosing to launch in Sweden. The acting CEO of the initiative will be Daniel Källberg, also COO at Omnicom in Sweden.

Omnicom’s existing agencies will work with Amazon in the same way as they work with other media channels. At the same time, TransAct will be the hub for the retail expertise within the group, both internationally and in Omnicom in Sweden. TransAct European headquarters is located in London, and the Swedish operations will operate independently from Stockholm. It currently has offices in 19 markets and already works with most international customers in areas such as analysis, strategic consulting and tactical execution in e-commerce.

Quote, Daniel Källberg, acting CEO of TransAct Sweden:

As both retail and e-commerce develop, Swedish companies face new challenges as commerce moves closer to communication strategy. Through TransAct, we can continue to be relevant in the current landscape. Amazon’s high-profile launch in Sweden will, of course, be a catalyst for change, by studying the development in the other countries where TransAct is established, we can better understand the impact their presence will have in Sweden in the future. On top of this, we have Google Shopping, which continues to gain market share, and the Facebook group, which via Instagram Shops and Facebook Shops is moving closer to retail, which is further changing the ecosystem. We are, therefore, convinced the market needs this type of expertise.

Quote, Ali Tajbakhsh, CEO of OMG Sweden:

Omnicom Media Group is a forward-leaning group where we are continually developing our offering. That we are now launching TransAct in Sweden, feels very natural and I am happy that Daniel, with his experience, is leading TransAct.

About Daniel Källberg:

Daniel has extensive experience of digitization and e-commerce with a background from Google, the digital specialist agency Keybroker and as Digital Director at OMD and has been Chief Operations Officer at Omnicom Media Group in Sweden since 2019.

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