The financial technology company Zmarta has set its sights on establishing itself as the leading Nordic comparison service in mortgages, loans, electricity contracts and insurance, as well as raising awareness among households and small and medium-sized companies about possible cost savings.

As part of their efforts, they now take in the Omnicom agencies DRUM and PHD.

The Zmarta brand has been developed into one of Sweden’s most well-known brands and almost every other Swede knows Zmarta today. With high ambitions and future-oriented investments to become the next-generation comparison service,

Zmarta now chooses to renew its agency collaborations and initiates collaboration with the Media Agency PHD and the creative agency DRUM. The Omnicom agencies PHD and DRUM’s hybrid offering eventually became the winning concept.

– In their insight work and pitch, DRUM and PHD have shown a knowledge of which efforts will have the greatest impact, so that we can achieve our ambition to become the next generation of comparative services faster. Me and the team have been impressed by their individual agency performance, while having a unique synergy and closeness in their collaboration. We were looking for a close partnership in the agency work and that is what we get with PHD and DRUM, says Niklas Jansson, CMO at Zmarta.

– Zmarta has a clear focus on growth and has just launched a new strategy and vision. It’s great fun that we at PHD get the confidence to work with Zmarta at a stage when they exchange their ambition on all fronts. We at PHD once again show that our hybrid offering with a focus on creating quick business results for our clients is successful, says Adam Fors CEO at PHD Sweden.

DRUM will be the creative head office and will build Zmarta’s brand through strong concepts and storybuilding. The creative assignment includes a long-term collaboration regarding marketing consulting in all channels.  

– It is a very inspiring creative challenge we have ahead of us. Building a brand in a highly performance-driven industry places tough demands on everyone. The insight work will give us a lot of guidance and it will be fun to roll out the first campaign. We want to awaken emotions, increase imaginability in order to get more people to use Zmarta, ”says Jonas Lyckstedt, Executive Creative Director at DRUM. Work has begun and the first campaign will be launched as early as spring.

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