The FIFA World Cup begins this week, and we can expect plenty of drama, prima donna tantrums and hopefully some great goals along the way.  Other features this week include iOS 12 predictions, Facebook’s musical personalisation update and the tricky question of placing brand purpose within marketing.





  • iOS 12 is upon us, so here’s the best new updates you can expect for your i-devices
  • 45.5% of the UK population now listen to online audio, an 11.2% rise from 2017
  • Here’s 5 key skills for every modern marketer



  • Beats by Dre bring in Guy Ritchie to direct their new “mix-tape” World Cup ad, and it is very Guy Ritchie
  • Facebook is finally bringing back music to social media profiles (MySpace fans rejoice!)
  • Adidas and Nike have teamed up with Bitmoji to let fans wear World Cup kits virtually



  • Why is Microsoft putting data centres at the bottom of the ocean?
  • Lush vs Spycops: Should ‘brand purpose’ be used as a platform for engaging consumers?  (Oasis doesn’t think so!)
  • Should tech companies such as Amazon be more responsible for who they sell their products to?