The word of the week is fluctuation – as Facebook’s shares plummet, Snapchat releases a new offering to steer it towards premium ground, and Twitter exercises more vigilance in platform controls.






  • You no longer need a degree in machine learning to interact effectively with AI. Your natural language processing crash course is here.
  • The attention-span generation strikes again, switching to an app instantly if it’s more efficient than the web to make a purchase.
  • You can now have Alexa join your car rides with any BMW that has been produced after March 2018. And it’s not just voice interface either…
  • If you’re already spending too many hours on YouTube, avoid their new feature – the Explore Tab. Goodbye, lunch break.


  • People aged 16 – 34 are most receptive to purpose-driven ads that convey a message about important societal issues.
  • Facebook overestimated its UK audience between ages 18 and 25 by 2 million people for the 2017 census. If we gave all control to them, would the numbers be more accurate?
  • Snapchat cherry-picked 100 brands to buy ‘unskippable’ ad slots in their new private marketplace.
  • Twitter introduced a new direct message cap, limiting users to 15,000 messages that can be sent and received within a 24-hour window. Anyone else feeling unpopular?