New stat from Facebook reveals that the number of videos in the Facebook news feed has increased significant over the last year.
Over the past year 75% more user generated video content has been uploaded and in total (both user generated and commercial video content) the raise is 360%.
It is interesting to see in which direction video content consumption is going. Obviously it started with text, followed by pictures and now video is making its way into people’s news feed.
With Facebooks entrance on the stock market, they have an interest in more commercial content on their platform and with a general increase in online video consumption, this is a natural step to support more video content in the news feed.
With an increasing number of videos in the news feed, Facebook is considered to be a big challenger to Youtube.

From a media agency perspective it is positive that we have another channel to distribute video content on, especially when it gets more and more difficult to reach a younger target audience through traditional flow TV. Also, the fact that Facebook is social, gives the opportunity to reach an even larger audience due to the sharing mechanism.

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