Everything you need to know about what went down in media this week, and there does seem to be a lot of love in the air…
The hot topic of conversation is without doubt 50 Shades of Grey and like it or not there are a lot of brands making the most of the hype, some in quite a comical way…
If you are finding it hard searching for love then look no further you could meet the love of your life on Facebook’s new service Lovebook. Turn that love into something more serious with a shop at Loverly, a new wedding site that uses the power of search data to create the latest on-trend apparel for brides to be.
And there will be no hiding from your lover with Place Tips around……
To top off the week of love our very own Lauren Oldham has written an opinion piece about the various streaming options available to Australians and who our predictions are to win / lose.
Happy Valentine’s day to you all…I hope you’re feeling the love…Until next week…

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Your next date could come from a Facebook ad

“Facebook has so much untapped potential for the dating world.” CJ James, founder of Lovebook, is finding the world true love through unusual means. Using internet advertising’s power for good rather than evil, the platform uses targeted Facebook ads to find potential lovers with similar interests and age range.
The service rates range from $15-60 depending on how many people you want to reach. A separate personalised FB profile is then created and ads are targeted to nearby Facebook users with similar characteristics.
If those Facebook targeted ads are persuading us to purchase forgotten items in our online shopping cart, could Lovebook help us find us find everlasting love? Read more.

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Loverly mines search insights to create a proprietary line of wedding apparel

Wedding site Loverly uses search data from brides-to-be to create a custom line of wedding apparel based on what’s trending. Read about the power of analysing the ‘big data’. Read more.

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50 Shades of

We’ve all seen, or at least of the much anticipated release of 50 Shades of Grey. So it’s no surprise Val Morgan are anticipating some strong numbers this week off the back of its release. But it’s not just Val Morgan coat tailing the success of the franchise, many brands have also jumped on the bandwagon with various parodies – see them all here… Watch here.

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Facebook is looking to become a more serious competitor to Yelp and Foursquare.

Facebook is set to launch “Place Tips” using beacons to provide fun, useful, relevant information about the place you’re at. When Facebook sees you’re at a business, you’ll receive a notification you can launch to view information cards about the place, about the place, including posts and photos from your friends. You’ll also get information on things such as the most popular menu items and upcoming events. Read more.

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Australian Streaming Services

There are currently two main types of streaming services available in Australia – ad supported free streaming services and paid streaming services. There is hot debate in the industry about the ability for the Australian population to sustain the number of players in the market and who will end up taking the lead. This is our take on the market place and an attempt to read the crystal ball of the future. Read more.