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Brands celebrate #ForceFriday

Friday 4th September was hailed as #ForceFriday, as fans dashed to stores to get their hands on the latest Star Wars merchandise ahead of the release (in December! Calm down everyone) of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The official Star Wars YouTube channel streamed an 18-hour ‘global unboxing’ hosted by YouTube personalities, there was a new Twitter emoji for when the hashtag was used (and it was used 68,000 times – in case you’re wondering, I can tell you, that’s a big number) and also Target released a special filter for Snapchat which added Star Wars characters and its logo. Of course, the force awoke in a lot of a brands as well. Read more

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Updates on Pages Function on Facebook Mobile.

Facebook is adding new feature to pages, in order to help the 45 million active businesses on Facebook receive more value.
The new updates will make it easier for businesses in Australia to find what they are looking for on a mobile device. The updates will help drive local businesses to more easily display and configure the information they most want to get in front of their customers.
Some of new updates are; new and more prominent call to action buttons, new sections for pages, improved page layout. Read more

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1 Second Everyday

“1 Second Everyday” is a new app that was launched in Canada this week which allows you to take 1 second of footage every day and edit it into a video diary. The campaign launched with a creative Radio campaign that started with a 1 second ad and got 1 second longer everyday after until the final 30 second radio spot was revealed to explain the app! A really interesting and different approach to using Radio! Watch here

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Apple announces suite of new tech

Apple held their annual event last night announcing a suite of new products, some expected like the 6s & 6+s, some less expected like the massive new iPad Pro. Wired have a great write up on all the details, so check it out. Read more

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Let the weather dictate whether you will be getting some pork on your fork.

With consumers already planning their outfits and activities around the weather, the National Pork Board in the US has launched the Daily Porkcast, a geo-location, mobile-friendly recipe tool that lives on the PorkBeinspired.com Web site. The tool provides real-time weather updates based on a user’s location and serves up appropriate recipes, whether it is barbecue pork chops on a hot day or a slow-cooked roast when the temperature drops. Read more