As part of the launch campaign for Warner Bros.’ The LEGO Batman Movie, PHD UK is proud to see the debut of a first-of-its-kind partnership created with Channel 4 and Drum.

From this evening (Thursday Feb 2) until Sunday (5th February), the partnership will see LEGO® Batman become a self-appointed, ‘unofficial’ member of Channel 4’s peak time continuity team.

In a series of first-of-their-kind ads, LEGO Batman will provide ‘alternative’ Channel 4 continuity announcements, giving his very own self-assured intros.  Bringing the film’s irreverent spirit of fun to Channel 4, LEGO Batman will embellish the continuity announcements with his self-described awesomeness – regaling viewers with references to his own accomplishments at any given opportunity.  In some shows, he will even re-appear in the centre breaks just in case viewers are missing him.

The ads, featuring the vocal talents of the film’s Will Arnett as LEGO Batman, will air alongside Channel 4’s own editorial announcements across the four days.

The partnership was conceived and aligned by PHD UK, Drum and 4Sales through their creative arm PL4Y and is the first execution of a series of ‘Batman barges in’ media activations heading into the launch of the film in cinemas.

The ads were written by Drum and produced by Warner Bros. Pictures.

The first ad will air approx at 4.55pm today, followed by 18 specially scripted and animated intros to a variety of popular, peak time Channel 4 shows across the four days, in more than 40 ad spots.

Deputy marketing director of Warner Bros. UK, Martin Gough, said, “We are delighted to be able to bring LEGO Batman’s hilarity to life in such a contextually perfect and high-profile platform as Channel 4’s peak time schedule.  Whilst this partnership might not land him a full-time job as a continuity announcer anytime soon, I’m sure it will make a big impact in the run-up to the launch of the movie. ”

PHD UK’s chief strategy officer, Mike Florence, said, “This partnership provides the perfect launch pad for our ‘Batman barges in’ media activations.  The team at Channel 4 has been so impressive in how they’ve been able to make our vision come alive.  This partnership is another great example of how much flexibility and creativity can be applied to using spot TV.”

Drum’s creative director, Matt Cole, said, “Even though I’m sure in Batman’s mind this whole thing was his idea, he begrudgingly acknowledges that it’s ‘kinda cool’ to have the opportunity to show Channel 4 audiences how awesome he is at this TV presenting stuff. Gee thanks, Batman.”

Chris Braithwaite, agency principal at Channel 4, said, “This is a first for us and has meant massive collaboration across the channel. Batman’s irreverent, edgy style sits nicely with Channel 4’s and our viewers are going to love it.”

The LEGO Batman Movie is released in the UK on Friday 10th February.  You can watch the trailer below.